Monthly Archives: November 2012

Consume less, live more

When we started Zumvee, one of the purpose we set out to achieve was for people to consume less and have increased levels of happiness at the same time. And this purpose grew out of an erroneous idea that seems to have taken root: that we need more stuff to be happy. Research has shown time and again that stuff does not make you happy (the video below sums it up nicely). Exercising, having a great time trying something new or spending more time with friends and family does.

With this in mind, it always gives us great satisfaction when our customers tell us that they were arranging a wake boarding experience for their parents or taking their wives on a vocal recording experience. It’s what we encourage people to do and we hope in time, the idea of experience gifts will be as big as in other parts of the world. If you believe that spending quality time is more important than pursuing more stuff, help us pass on the word by tweeting or sharing on Facebook and spread some happiness today!


Holiday Season is almost here!

It’s almost holiday season again! That time of the year when your career takes a backseat to your social life; when work is less important than catching up with old friends and spending quality time with your family.

Coming up we have got Deepavali on Tuesday, 13th November (it’s probably too late to apply leave now) and after that Christmas which is also on a Tuesday, 25th December (there’s still a chance to apply). And it looks like people are already gift shopping for the year end season! If you don’t fancy giving away something ordinary this season, why not consider an experience gift? A huge idea in Europe since Red Letter Days first came up with it in 1999, experience gifts are specially selected to ensure that every recipient has a fun and memorable time. While the value of gifts like watches and wallets fade with each passing fashion trend, the memories from experiences like driving a super car or going for an art class get better with time and encourage conversations with the gift giver.

This year I’ve got several experience gift ideas for my loved ones. How about you? What gifts are you considering and what experiences would you like to see?