Our Top 5 gift ideas for guys


It can get kinda head scratching when it comes to getting gifts for guys. Guys in general like food, gaming, sports and the latest tech stuff, but with very specific tastes in those things, it can get tricky. If you want to give him a pleasant surprise while enjoying quality time, you may want to consider these top 5 ideas:

1) Sports – MMA is all the rage now, pitting different martial art styles against each other plays on every guy’s obsession on competition – think Dragonball playing cards with different power levels that were so popular with guys back in school. http://bit.ly/AogdJH

2) Food – I’m going to say it now just to get it out of the way – Food is the way to a man’s heart. There I said it. Its implied that it has to be good food, so try a four course dinner prepared by an award winning chef. http://bit.ly/zo5ubb

3) Outdoors – Every guy needs to be out and about to stretch and flex once in awhile. We can’t think of a better way than combining sports with the great outdoors. With Wakeboarding he can hone a cool skill and have fun at the same time, check it out here: http://bit.ly/zx1K26

4) Relax – If your guy is overworked, he’d probably need a good relaxing time and massage. Most guys don’t really know how to pamper themselves, so why not do the pampering for them? Enjoy an aromatherapy and massage with him, he’ll appreciate it.http://bit.ly/ygQhcm

5) Music – Everyone loves music in one form or another, and guys can get really passionate about music. Indulge his rockstar tendencies with a guitar or ukulele lesson, popular in indie, rock, folk, pop music! http://bit.ly/yBvhO8

Best Regards and TGIF,




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