Operation Declutter


Christmas and New Year just passed and if you have been attending parties, you are probably stuck with lots of stuff you don’t want or need. I’m thinking items like a voodoo doll for you to poke bad colleagues or a language book that corrects your Singlish.

Here’s some ideas on what not to do with them:

  • Do not rewrap your gift and give it away, especially if the item is homemade.
  • Don’t waste by throwing them away.

And here’s some ideas on what you can do with them:

  • Donate to charities such as Salvation Army and Passiton.org.sg. They rely on donations to keep the lights on. 
  • Sell them on ebay and get some money back.
  • Find someone to swop it with. 

Valentines’ day is round the corner. Why not give your better half an experience with our gift ideas? Memories from having a good time stays with you for a lifetime. It is even better if you get to share the experience and connect emotionally with your boyfriend or girlfriend. At the very least, an experience does not take up precious space in your home. 



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