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3 tips to choosing the perfect gift


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a friend’s birthday is just round the corner and you can’t decide what to give? Hampers are cliche and gift cards do not fully convey how much you appreciate the relationship. Below are 3 tips on how to choose the perfect gift.

1. Make the gift memorable.

Give an original gift, something which he or she will not expect to receive. Think about the most memorable gift you ever received as a child. Was it an expensive toy or the time your parents took you on a surprise trip to the zoo? Spending time with your recipient makes for an excellent gift. If you can’t spare the time, the second best option is to give the person a good time

2. Give a gift that you can personalize. 

For most of us, the thoughtfulness of a gift is more important than the cost. Giving someone a wakeboarding experience because you remember she always wanted to try it and personally arranging a private lesson is more meaningful than giving him a cheque for twice the amount. 

3. Consider the personality of the recipient.

This may sound obvious but its important to know the recipient. Does your recipient like trying out new stuff or collecting stuff? The perfect gift for an adrenaline junkie may be less than perfect for a more indoors type of person. Try finding out more about the recipient from friends and family, its all part and parcel of being thoughtful and making someone’s day!

What is your experience with gift giving? Did you receive anything worth talking about lately?


Great experience giveaway

Zumvee is conducting its first ever giveaway now! Anyone above 18 can take part. Those who have registered with us on our pre-launch website prior to 21st December 2011 are automatically entered into the giveaway. 

How to take part

Simply like our Facebook page here and enter your name and email in our great experience giveaway app hosted by Plus Social. Be sure to invite 3 friends and share the contest on your wall to get additional 2 ballot chances. 

4 course dinner with 4 Wines at The Tastings Room


Savour delicacies such as pan seared scallops, duck confit and creme brule in this sumptous dinner. To truly indulge your palettes, each course is accompanied with a matching wine recommended by the chef himself. What a treat!

3 Session Pop Vocal Recording with Intune Music School


In this unique experience, an Intune coach will use 2 sessions to teach you techniques to control your vocal chords and improve it’s sound quality. On the 3rd session, he will record your new voice in a studio for you to keep as a memorabilia. 

Zovbing for 4 with Adventour


Originally conceived in New Zealand, Zorbing has achieved much recognition because it is just so much fun. Win this and you and your friends will take turns rolling down a hill and experience what it feels like to be weightless, or to be a hamster. There’s nothing quite like it.


The last day of contest is 11 Feb 11.59pm so don’t wait. Visit us at now!

Operation Declutter


Christmas and New Year just passed and if you have been attending parties, you are probably stuck with lots of stuff you don’t want or need. I’m thinking items like a voodoo doll for you to poke bad colleagues or a language book that corrects your Singlish.

Here’s some ideas on what not to do with them:

  • Do not rewrap your gift and give it away, especially if the item is homemade.
  • Don’t waste by throwing them away.

And here’s some ideas on what you can do with them:

  • Donate to charities such as Salvation Army and They rely on donations to keep the lights on. 
  • Sell them on ebay and get some money back.
  • Find someone to swop it with. 

Valentines’ day is round the corner. Why not give your better half an experience with our gift ideas? Memories from having a good time stays with you for a lifetime. It is even better if you get to share the experience and connect emotionally with your boyfriend or girlfriend. At the very least, an experience does not take up precious space in your home.