A wake boarding good time!

One of the best perks of working in Zumvee is being able to try out some of the most amazing experiences that our partners have to offer here in Singapore.

Today, we dropped by the Marina Country Club expecting sun, sand, sea and a wake boarding good time. What we got however, was cooling rain and dashes of lightning. At one point our boat got struck by lightning wrecking an ipod nano and a credit card. Even that was not enough to bother us one bit. Going out to sea in the early morning surrounded by nature was a great feeling (its the forest of Yishun on one side and a lush deserted island on the other).

Wakeboarding isn’t difficult. With the patient help from the instructors, we only needed a few tries before we could stand on the board and enjoy the ride! Like riding a bike, once you get it, it will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Here are some pictures of the “meeting” with our partner.

Check out the dark skies.

Look mum, no hands!

Nice looking board don’t you think?

Zumvee will be offering this experience very soon. In the meantime, stay tuned to this blog for more amazing experiences.

Review (to )

Activity Difficulty       – Balance is key but you will get it after a few tries.

Location – Marina Country Club is hidden in a corner of Punggol, which accounts for much of its charm. You can wait for the feeder bus (schedule here). Otherwise you will have to take a cab from Punggol.

Rating         – Fabulous fun for anyone who enjoys a soaking wet good time. Definitely something to try at least once in your life 🙂


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