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Dairy Farm’s crouching monkeys hidden quarry


The Dairy Farm nature trail is located in the North West of Singapore and stretches from Dairy Farm Road to Upper Bukit Timah Road. Lush vegetation along the trail lay hidden from the unsuspecting crowds that travel along Upper Bukit Timah Road everyday. Even though its only 3km long, visitors can expect a few surprises along the way. Here’s 5 to lookout for.

1. Bengal monitor a.k.a Mr. Lizard

Do not let the size of Mr. Lizard fool you. These beautiful Bengal monitor lizards can grow up to 175cm. And since the forests have been here a long time, we are sure a big one is lurking somewhere.

2. Nicobar long tail macaque a.k.a Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky Monkey comes from the Nicobar Islands which is also in Bengal. The ancestors of our Indian friends could have brought them in when they first migrated here. If you do spot them, please do not feed them. Being frugivores they are contented with the fruit and nuts they find in the forest, as you can see.

3. Ahaetulla Prasina a.k.a Oriental Whipsnake

T his tree snake can be found throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia. They are mildly venomous to humans.

3. Wallace Education Centre

Formerly a cowshed, Wallace Education Centre now houses various exhibits to help visitors understand their immediate surroundings a little better.

5.Hidden quarry

We have got pictures of this wonderful quarry and a whole lot more here but we wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. Nothing beats experiencing it for yourself.

Review (to )

Activity Difficulty     – Some uphill climbs but no harder than climbing a few flight of stairs.

Location – Easy to locate and reach by driving or public transport. For drivers, park at Rail Mall or Carpark A. For everybody else, drop off in front of Rail Mall and find the entrance behind the private housing estate along Jalan Asas.

Rating         – A fantastic way to get away from the city and take in some fresh air and sunshine. Dairy Farm nature trail is excellent for nature lovers, families and mountain bikers. A great experience overall!